Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reigate Park and Castle-2

Reigate Park and Castle-2, originally uploaded by Billius.

Steady... A little to Starboard Cap'n!

Reigate Park and Castle-3

Reigate Park and Castle-3, originally uploaded by Billius.

Now, if those knights had scooters, that would be really cool

Reigate Park and Castle-1

Reigate Park and Castle-1, originally uploaded by Billius.

Ok, Let's get those baddies!

Modelling for Next-3

Modelling for Next-3, originally uploaded by Billius.

Ethan and Toby tried out their new suits for Emma's upcoming wedding...

Modelling for Next-5

Modelling for Next-5, originally uploaded by Billius.

Toby Solo shot in his new Next outfit

Modelling for Next-1

Modelling for Next-1, originally uploaded by Billius.

Ethan poses solo with his new Next suit on

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lego Chess... It's Complicated

Toby and Ethan have devised there own version of Chess which involves superior numbers as well as strategic planning...

Shortly after I took this photo Toby insisted that he prefered using Chewbacca rather than horse shaped thing for Knight....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ben, Ethan, Toby and Sam

Having a cuddle
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Swinging around with Dan

At the park with Dan
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Lost in the Maize

Ethan and Toby try and find the Pirate-ship in the Maize Maze at RHS Wisley
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Ethan goes for a ride

At RHS Wisley
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All old blogs now working on Blogger

Just to let you know that all family blogs have been combined into this one Pinnell blog.

i.e.,, and are all pointing to this revised blog.

We'll be updating it soon with lots of nice pictures.

If you are interested in all the nitty-grittty of how I got all the blogs and domains working - take a look at where I'd post the gory details.