Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Links to Toby and Ethan

Some people have asked about what blogs / websites are updated for Daddy's, me and my brother's activities. Here's how it works:

Toby's Blog ( - what Toby's up to.
Ethan's Blog ( - what Ethan's up to.

When my brother and I do something together we post an update (normally with picture) to one of the blogs then Daddy copies the blog link to my brother's page so it appears in both places (but we only need to store one set of pictures)

Daddy also posts things to his Blog (Bill's Blog - - this has stuff for events concerning Mummy and Daddy's friends, activities, and lots of geeky stuff about Daddy's favourite technology and other boring things. Sometimes if I'm lucky I get a mention too!

Daddy has also started experimenting with Picasa Web Albums - where you can download original hi-res image from uploaded photos - at the moment he's only using this for photography items (e.g Macro shots) - for family photos we tend to use photobox to keep original res photos for families and friends to print direct from - though this can be reviewed if we get lots of people asking for original photos to download and print themselves.

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